In Surat Thani Town  looking for  shared  vans  and  public transport at the bus  station  every hour about between  7a.m. to  5p.m. Tell them to take you to  our resort (PHUPHA LAE   LAM THAN ; Thai  name)  at the kilometer 97th of high way 401 or get  off at  the entrance to khao  sok national park and  give us a call  to  pick you up,  free of charge.

exit  the  front  entrance of the train  station and about 30 meters to the right take the Surat Thani-Phuket  bus,  get  off at  PHUPHA LAE   LAM THAN ; Thai  name , kilometer 97th  of high way 401 by telling  the bus driver or get  off at  the entrance of khao  sok national park and call us to pick you up, free of charge.

Take a Tuk-Tuk to the bus stop near the airport. The bus comes from Phuket Town. Alternately, there is a public bus  or airport   bus from the airport to  the central bus station in Phuket town. You will find  buses heading to Surat Thani , the ride takes about 4 hours and via Takua Pa. Get off at Khao Sok  national park  bus stop, from there you can call us to pick you up, free of charge or get off at entrance our resort  “PHUPHA LAE LAMTHAN” kilometer 97th of high way 401 by telling the bus driver  .

Take the airport shuttle or taxi to Krabi bus station. There is only one bus per day to Khao Sok National Park, you will be dropped at Khao Sok bus stop. Thereafter give us a call to pick you up.

There is a bus service that comes from Phuket through Khao Lak and towards Surat Thani. You can catch the bus that will pass the junction for Khao Sok National   Park, where you can get off and call us to pick you up, free of charge or telling them to drop you at the entrance of our resort “PHUPHA LAE LAMTHAN” kilometer 97 of high way 401.


Keep driving on highway 401 and drive west for 97 km. through the towns of Takun and Panom until you arrive at  Km.97 “The cliff and  river jungle  resort ” is on the  left  hand  side and  you can  notice the big  billl board  at the entrance. We are   located before the entrance of Khao Sok National Park.

Follow high way 402, across the Sarasin Bridge into Khok Kloy. Then turn left onto Route 4 towards Thai Mueang. Continue on Route 4 past  Khao Lak and Takua Pa, head straight as Route 4 becomes Route 402 and  heads east towards Surat Thani .Khao Sok  National Park  is frequently marked  from now,  when arrive at the park entrance continue driving until reaching  at Km.97  we are located  on the right  hand  side.

Departing Krabi and head northwest on Thanon Phet Kasem Route 4, then turn right onto Route 4118 in the town of Thap Phut. When the road ends, turn left onto Route 401. Follow Route 401 until at Km.97 marker, our resort is located on the left hand side.

Drive north to Takua Pa on highway 4 and then east on highway 401 towards Surat Thani. When arrive at entrance  Khao Sok National Park   drive over until at  Km.97 marker,  we are located  on the right  hand  side.